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Stefano's sausage rolls

Pork & fennel sausage rolls

Home-made pasta is very porous and
absorbs liquid very easily. To my mind
there is nothing better than the delicious
liquor that comes from various seafood,
such as mussels, pipis (vongole), baby
calamari rings, scallops and any white fish
fillets – all flavoured with olive oil, garlic,
white wine and flat-leaf parsley.
There is a freshness to this dish that is
addictive. A range of fish and shellfish is
readily available in Australia all year round,
so substituting ingredients is very easy.

Strozzapreti with pork and saffron sauce

Strozzapreti with pork & saffron sauce

Strozzapreti is a specialty from central Italy. Like
cavatelli, it is a traditional pasta made without eggs,
but it has a different shape. The dough is rolled
through a pasta machine, a little at a time. As the
sheet of pasta emerges from the machine, allow it to
drop flat onto your work surface and cut it vertically
into 1 cm strips. Each strip of pasta is then rolled
between the palms of your hands to create a sort of
corkscrew shape. Keep the pasta covered with a damp
tea towel to stop it drying out, especially on hot days.
The word ‘strozzapreti’ means ‘priest stranglers’.
In the anti-clerical central part of Italy – once under
the rule of the Papacy – the local priest was not a
welcome guest! He was yet another mouth to feed on
top of the already hungry family. A meal of flour and
water was probably likely to ‘choke’ him.
It is traditional to serve strozzapreti with Bolognese
sauce, but I encourage people to try this delicious
sauce made with pork mince or sausage, some diced
zucchini and a touch of saffron.

Slow-roasted pork belly

Slow roasted pork belly

pork belly on every restaurant menu these days. Maybe because it is a very cheap cut of meat, or hopefully because people have seen the light. Pork belly may look fatty, but it is delicious and some of the fat is released in the very slow cooking.