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Strozzapreti with pork and saffron sauce

Strozzapreti with pork & saffron sauce

Strozzapreti is a specialty from central Italy. Like
cavatelli, it is a traditional pasta made without eggs,
but it has a different shape. The dough is rolled
through a pasta machine, a little at a time. As the
sheet of pasta emerges from the machine, allow it to
drop flat onto your work surface and cut it vertically
into 1 cm strips. Each strip of pasta is then rolled
between the palms of your hands to create a sort of
corkscrew shape. Keep the pasta covered with a damp
tea towel to stop it drying out, especially on hot days.
The word ‘strozzapreti’ means ‘priest stranglers’.
In the anti-clerical central part of Italy – once under
the rule of the Papacy – the local priest was not a
welcome guest! He was yet another mouth to feed on
top of the already hungry family. A meal of flour and
water was probably likely to ‘choke’ him.
It is traditional to serve strozzapreti with Bolognese
sauce, but I encourage people to try this delicious
sauce made with pork mince or sausage, some diced
zucchini and a touch of saffron.